Lugs attach to the shell and receive the threaded tension rods that allow tightening of the head over the bearing edges. The body of the lug, as well as the joint between the lug and the shell itself, bears the brunt of the pressure generated by tuning the drum. A wide variety of lugs are available (see below). Most though not all, are available in chrome, black, or brass.

We can offer practically any commercially available lug. And we've used nearly all of them. However, one lug has distinguished itself. The Adonis lug is manufactured of an aircraft grade alloy. They are machined, not cast, so they are less likely to crack or chip. Last but not least, they are manufactured in the USA. Lug style is a personal choice, and most lugs will hold up just fine. But, if you're looking for absolute quality, we recommend you consider the Adonis lug.

Adonis Snare Lugs

Adonis Offset Lugs

To give you an idea of the scale
Adonis also offers tom lugs. They are the same design, but have only one insert.

Most, but not all, are available in chrome, brass or black.