ICD offers three distinct typs of shell construction. Each has its own characteristics of beauty, tone, attack, and resonance.

Stave Shells:
Available only in 14", 13", and 12" diameters, with depths up to 6" only, at present
Stave shells are made much like a barrel with perpendicular side walls. Each stave shell is typically made of 18-30 individual staves, which are spline-jointed together to add strength. These shells are incredibly strong and, because they are made of solid wood, they can be very dense.

Segmented Shells:
Available only in 14", 13", and 12" snare depths at present
Segmented shells are made much like a staved shells, with a few notable exceptions. First, each "stave" in a segmented shell is considerably longer than the staves in an actual staved shell. We've found 10 "staves" per segment to be a good working number, as this allows us to center each lug on a segment for 10-hole rims. Each segment is typically 1"-1.5" in height. These segments are then joined, one on top of another, to form the segmented shell.

Ply/Laminated Shells:
Ply shells are the same type of shell used by every major drum manufacturer in the world. These shells are made of very thin layers of hard maple bonded together and formed into a cylindrical shell. These shells come in 6, 8, and 10-ply* versions; as well as specialty 16, 20, and even 30-ply snare shells for a louder, brighter, more resonant sound.
* 10-ply shells are only availble in 10", 12", 13", and 14" sizes at present.