Ask ten different drummers which strainer type they prefer, and you're likely to get twelve different answers. The strainers plays a pivotal role in the reliability and playability of a snare drum. The action must be smooth. Tension must be applied evenly across the snare bed. And, the tension must not fluctuate as the drum is played, even in hard-hitting situations. As a secondary consideration, the strainer's appearance should be consistent with the rest of the drum's components and should compliment the drum's overall appearance.

Nickel Drumworks Strainers:
As with the the Adonis lugs, there is, what we consider, a quality leader in strainers. Nickel Piston Strainers are in our experience the finest snare strainer money can buy.

Nickel strainer features:
from the Nickel Drumworks website.
The patented piston and cylinder design brings a revolutionary smoothness and durability to snare straining hardware. As part of its guiding components there are three cylinders and respective pistons. In combination, each produce a 360 degree load bearing surface that provide superior structural strength and a means to precision movement. This design translates an unprecedented smoothness and durability not found among its predecessors.
Maintaining Tension on the Snares
The tune locking-torque adjustment system ensures that tuning is maintained under extreme vibration. Set this to the desired resistance and the tuning mechanism locks after every rotation of the knob.
The Lever or Toggle Mechanism
This is the primary component in actuating and releasing the snares to and from the snare bed. To this end, a connecting link with a tensile strength of 3,700 lbs. engages the main piston from the handle. A strong component in the maintenance of this strainer's precision mechanics, the toggle mechanism uses vector radius calibration to locate the snares. Without stretching and relaxing the snares, the three points of the toggle rotate to bring the snares into position on the snare bed.
Undercarriage guidance
The guidance system is designed so that tension brought to the snares is mono-directional. In other words, no matter its position, the strainer will provide tension to the snares in the same direction. Also, integral to its unprecedented 5/8" distance of throw the undercarriage guides the snare fixture (strap or strings) cleanly through the bottom rim.
The Bumpers
Incorporated in its mechanics are Polyurethane and Neoprene bumpers. These act as mufflers that make this strainer's operation virtually silent. In acoustic or close microphone settings this feature becomes essential.
Superior Materials and Construction
Constructed from a Polycarbonate (BulletProof Glass), the housing components have endless possibilities to their appearance and are virtually indestructible. A brass insert provides the threads for the stainless steel tuning shaft. A hardened alloy connecting link and dowel pins, plus a machined brass piston, give precision and durability to the mechanics. And, steel inserts provide threading for the key screws on the clamping plate.

Nickel Drumworks Strainers
Nickel Drumworks Strainers are available in the following finish options:
  • Black/Chrome
  • Black/Gold
  • Clear/Chrome
  • Clear/Gold

Most, but not all, are available in chrome, brass or black.