Vented Grommets:
There are two types of vents to consider. The first is the standard vent used by nearly every drum manufacturer around. Typically from 3/8" to 1/2" in diameter and finished with metal grommets (see pictures below). This type of vent allows air to escape when the drum head is struck. When the stick impacts the head, a column of air moves down through the shell of the drum and forces the resonant head to, well, resonate. If, however, the shell is airtight, the drum can become "choked." If air cannot escape, the heads may not resonate properly, decreasing the sustain and volume, as well as affecting the clarity of the tone. Vents can be centered vertically on the shell and between a pair of lugs for a classic appearance, placed under the tension rods for a cleaner look, or placed anywhere else on the shell you specify (NOTE: a minimum of 3/4" must be left between the bearing edge and the outside edge of any vent). To be fair, opinions vary on these vents, but we recommend at least one vent on any snare drum, tom, or bass. These vent holes are also used to attach our ICD badge. A single 1/2" vent with the deluxe grommet (color matching the lugs), with an ICD badge comes standard with each drum. Additional finished vents can be specified as an option.

1/2" Deluxe Grommet

3/8" Standard Grommet

Vented Snares:
Snares with large open vents (Vented Snares) have come to the forefront recently and are another option offered by ICD. These vents are becoming increasingly popular in certain styles of music (i.e. punk, metal, and ska). Drummers such as Travis Barker of Blink182 and Boxcar Racer, John Otto of Limp Bizkit, and Adrian Young of No Doubt use vented snares, and have added to their popularity. Depending on the number and size, vents can dramatically increase volume, while decreasing resonance (drying out) of the tone. Some contend that sensitivity is also increased. Vents are usually employed on ply shells (as opposed to stave or segmented shells), typically with specially constructed 16-30 ply shells. Vents can range from 1" to 2 1/2" in diameter, and are usually centered vertically on the shell and between a pair of lugs. The cross sections are typically finished with either the hard wax or oil treatments we typically use to finish the inside of our shells. Vents are available as an option on any ICD snare drum and cost $15/vent, regardless of size.