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At ICD quality comes first. Every drum we make is handmade. We believe in a good time as much as the next guy (or girl). But when it comes to our craft, we're very serious. A drum with a de-laminated shell, or untrue bearing edges is going to sound like garbage, no matter who plays it. While a quality drum in the hands of an artist can sing. Here's a simple fact: Most drum manufacturers today make high quality drums. Most drum makers produce at least one series (obviously cheaper drums are made of cheaper materials, and provide a "cheaper" sound) that can compare to most custom made drums. What's missing, and what ICD takes great pride in, is style; the opportunity to express your self not only with your music, but with the instrument you use to make your music.

Let's face it, most musicians have a strong sense of individuality. Whether your style is a pink and purple mohawk slamming through hardcore punk tunes, or a laid back vibe ghost-noting your way through funky R&B; numbers, you are an individual, we think your instrument should reflect your personality. It should express who and what you are. AT ICD we'll be happy to help you achieve that goal. We'll build a drum to your specifications To get the sound you want. To get the look you want. To help you make the musical statement you've always wanted to make.

If your local music store doesn't carry ICD Drums(c), let them know about us! Have them contact us at distribution@ironcitydrumworks.com for more information on becoming an ICD dealer. Or, simply direct them to this website!

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Visit our SPECIALS area for big savings on over-production models and scratch-n-dents!

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